Afandi, Muhamad (2007) SISTEM INFORMASI PERMINTAAN PERUBAHAN DAYA DI PT. PLN (PERSERO) UPJ RENGASDENGKLOK. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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The service of request change of energy is one of the activities work which is done in PT.PLN ( Persero) UPJ Rengasdengklok. The problems which on information system request change of energy which walk company in this time that is the happening of heaping of datas so that complicate in seeking of data which finally cause delay in forwarding of reports related to request change of this matter energy because of simple still existing system. The Existing problems cause service of company become less optimal. Considering important of service him which must be given by company to cutomer of company, so conducted scheme of system meant to develop system request change of energy which have preexisted. Target which wish to be reached from making of this system that is to watering down in moth-balls and seeking of datas request change of energy so that will quicken in forwarding of reports which finally service of company even also become more optimal. In course of development of information system request change of this energy the writer uses the descriptive research method, which the collecting data the use is observing by examine the work process directly that has been done in the distance in order to get clearly illustration from the object observed, interview, that is, making a dialogue directly with treated arbitrarily people who gives authority in giving the explanation or information of data needed, and studying literature by finding out supporting bibliographies in data analyzed technique. The writer uses the method which is supporting the software according to waterfall whereas for data modeling uses the structured method. That is DFD (Data Flow Diagram) in illustrating functional model and ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) to illustrate data model.. While software for the system development of request of change of this energy use Borland Delphi 5.0 as the software of constructor of and paradox as his databases. Pursuant to research result and after doing of examination of alpha and betha to system which have been made, conclusion of which can taken that is known that system which have been made can assist in course of data processing of request change of energy, quickening in making of reports and watering down in moth-balls also seeking of data related to request change of energy, so that delay of forwarding report can overcome and company performance even also become more optimal.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: D3 Tugas Akhir > Teknik Informatika > 2007
Divisions: Universitas Komputer Indonesia > Perpustakaan UNIKOM
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