Susilo Setiawan, Ferry (2004) PENGARUH PELATIHAN TERHADAP PRODUKTIVITAS KERJA KARYAWAN DI PT. SUCOFINDO BANDUNG. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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Karyawan as resource owned company have characteristic differ from other resource in company. target company will not be reached better without supported a active role existence from employees although own sophisticated equipments even if. potency existence Owned by employees oblige company exploit maximum employees in order to in organizational target attainment not find difficulties. One of problem which often arise in connection with employees is lowering of human resource of itself. Training is impetus for somebody activity to reach result of the desired. Training told important so since with training of each;every employees individual able to Its work as maximum to reach high work productivity. While congeniality of productivity of itself is that productivity go together making ouput specificly show at relation of between output yield up the ghost and the input raw material what used to produce output. Intend from this compilation skripsi to know influence training to work productivity of employees in PT.SUCOFINDO Bandung. This research. by propagating enquette to all responder. Enquette have the character of closed, since answer have been determined by writer. Each;Every item of statement of training and productivity have been examination of data quality beforehand, before finally be alloted to all responder. examination of Data quality cover Uji Validitas Data And Uji Reliabilitas Data. To um up sampel that is needed writer berpedoman of tables Krecjie. After done data processing by using Metode Analisis Korelasi Using formula/ Pearson Product Moment got by result of equal to 0,948 meaning high correlation once, and coefficient determinasi of equal to 89,90% meaning training share equal to 89,90% while the rest of equal to 10,10% determined by other;dissimilar factor. For the hypothesis examination with = 0,05 ( 5%) and dk = n-2, hence be obtained count equal to 23,75 bigger than t tables 1,9799 so that, Ho refused by since t calculate > t tables and mean H1 accepted, meaning training have an effect on in improving work productivity of employees. having taken steps of Research in field in order to work productivity of employees remain to be good even more, hence training for employees remain toexecuted periodical in order to yield employees or human resource which competence.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: S1-Final Project > Fakultas Ekonomi Bisnis > Manajemen > 2003
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Universitas Komputer Indonesia > Fakultas Ekonomi > Manajemen (S1)
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