Energy Utilization of Kinetic Paving Technology

Ansori, I and Subadra Abioso, Wanita (2020) Energy Utilization of Kinetic Paving Technology. In: 3rd International Conference on Informatics, Engineering, Science, and Technology (INCITEST 2020). IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 879 . IOP Publishing Ltd.. ISBN 1757899X


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Nowadays, electricity has become a priority in daily life and can even be considered as a primary human need. On the other hand, the excessive use of electricity or energy and the increase in population is one of the factors that can increase energy requirements. In Indonesia, the use of electricity comes from very limited natural resources. Therefore, energy savings should be implemented, either by using as necessary or even making an update that can sustain existing electrical energy. Apart from saving energy, it would be better to create new energy with minimal effort. Like producing energy from daily human activities, one of it is walking. The result is the creation of Kinetic Paving material technology that when people step on it will produce electricity. The benefits of this technology can create electricity that can be used for the environment of this kinetic paving. As for lighting in paving as lighting art or as a source of energy for surrounding buildings. Kinetic Paving is applied in pedestrian traffic spaces. This energy is expected to help the community and the surrounding environment. This is an update that should have been implemented. When natural resources are getting low and energy prices are getting higher, we need all these reforms.

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