Legal Protection for Widow Without Children in Bali Adat Law Inheritance

Maruli Tua Situmeang, Sahat and Sandria, Arinita and Wulan Sari, Febilita (2017) Legal Protection for Widow Without Children in Bali Adat Law Inheritance. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 12 (2).

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Marriage is a bond inwardly and outwardly between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a family or household that is happy and eternally based on God. A marriage can be broken up with caused by several things such as divorce, death and the establishment of a court decision. Some people in Indonesia still holds strong customary law. One of the people who are still strong hold customary law is the people of Bali. Balinese society is patrilineal societies. Girls in customary inheritance law have limited inheritance rights. If a woman is married and the marriage broke up and he will return to their original homes without getting a share of the treasure-gini Gono. If there are children in the marriage, then the property will be inherited by the husband and children in the marriage but if there are no children then the estate will become the property of the husband’s family. Legal protection should be provided to all citizens without exception, including the Balinese women. Currently, the customary law is thus considered to be very unfair for women bali therefore, the issues raised in this article are) how the implementation of legal protection for the childless widow in Bali Customary Inheritance Law and what remedies can be taken by a widow without children in the community Customary Law Bali to seek redress for treasure-gini Gono. This research was conducted a descriptive analysis which gives an idea as carefully as possible about the facts that exist related to the research. This study uses normative juridical approach, a method in which the law conceived as norms, rules, principles or dogma. This research was conducted in two stages, namely the library research (library research) and field data collection techniques in this research data is done in two ways, namely, the study doku men and interview data were analyzed using qualitative methods juridical analysis. Location research to obtain the data in this paper are the libraries and institutions related to the research. The conclusions are). Customary Inheritance Law Bali not provide legal protection for widows without children, where the childless widow did not get the treasure-gini Gono the legal efforts to ditem, puh by a widow with no children in the community Customary Law Bali to seek redress for property Gono gini is to file a lawsuit on Inheritance Adat Bali to the District Court on the basis that the Inheritance Law Adat Bali does not provide legal protection and justice for women Bali.

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