KONTROVERSIAL TENTANG KONSEPSI TEORI EVOLUSI (Suatu Studi Kasus Tanggapan Guru-guru MAN/ Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Model Se-Indonesia

Waluyo, Lud and Drs and Kes, M (1999) KONTROVERSIAL TENTANG KONSEPSI TEORI EVOLUSI (Suatu Studi Kasus Tanggapan Guru-guru MAN/ Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Model Se-Indonesia.

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The controversy of evolution theory has been endless polemics. Many people have less proportional opinion to this theory. The are reluctant to avow the essensial of this theory and tend to become apriori, emotional, and irrational. The also think so when the theory is related to the evolution of human beings. If this, opinion reach academic society like biology teachers, it will bring about problems to students. This research is aimed at revealing the source of information; it included definition, type, and the perception of evolution in accordance with sciences and the Al-Qur'an; the concept of evolution in pre-Darwinism, the theory of evolution, contents, the weakness of Darwin's theory, and the concept of Neodarwinism; the application of evolution theory in the field of husbandry, fishery, and farming; and relation of evolution theory to the Islam. This researh utilities desciptive method. The sample of this study total 35 teachers of MAN Model Indonesia, this total total exludes the biology teachers from East Timor. This research is conducted during four months i.e. from October 1998 to Februari 1999. The result study shows the source information accepted by biology teachers of MAN Model through out Indonesia when they studied in senior high school (SLTP); The ability to absorb the evolution concept in relation to sciences and the survival of the fittest is too low; The ability to take in evolution concept in accordance with Al-Quur'an and pre-Darwinism is high enough; The ability to absorb the type of evolution, the weakness of Darwin's theory of 19th Century, and the concept of Neodarwinism is high. Likewise, many teachers have inconsistent opinion to definition of evolution and contrast the evolution concept to Islam. In other words, many teachers are still reluctant to accept. The essential theory of evolution.

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