Intan C, Chatief and J (2009) IRISH IDENTITY IN WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS PLAY CATHLEEN NI HOOLIHAN (A Study of Post-colonial theory. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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This research paper entitled �¢����Irish Identity in William Butler Yeats Play Cathleen Ni Hoolihan�¢���� (A study of Postcolonial Theory) concerns with the post colonial issues and national identity construction from the play written by W.B. Yeats �¢����Cathleen Ni Hoolihan�¢����. The writer chooses the play because the issue given in the play is closely related to the human civilization, particularly on human right. This study is aimed at find out and identifies the postcolonial conception and the Irish national identity construction in British colonization era. To employ the study, the writer uses the descriptive analytic method as a guide to inquiry its study. By using this method, the writer attempts to identify and describe the data. Moreover, in analyzing the subject, this research uses literary research. The data from the play of Yeat�¢����s, Cathleen Ni Hoolihan, will be analyzed using the postcolonial theory, and finally will produce the representation that can be understood by the readers. The findings of this study show that the play implies the postcolonial conception and the national identity of Irish construction which become their own national attribute. The postcolonial conception in this study shows the three postcolonial indicators, they are: the marginalization of colonized country, the abrogation to the imperial authority, and appropriation to imperial language and culture. Moreover, after the writer analyzes the data using Postcolonial theory and the national identity construction indicators, the writer concludes that Irish has a high nationalism which is reflected in their sacrifice and love to their country. Moreover, along with the identification, the writer finds that there are four Irish national identities construction, they are: Unity, Patriotism and struggle, Sacrifice, and Suffering.

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