Comparison using three different discontinuous percoll gradients in human sperm preparation

Wasito, Bambang (2001) Comparison using three different discontinuous percoll gradients in human sperm preparation.

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To carry out an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), a sperm preparation is needed. There are a variety of sperm preparation available a/o: washing and swimup,albumin collumn filtration, glass wool filtration and discontinuous percollgradient. Method that recommended by WHO is two discontinuous percoll gradient (40% and 80'16). The aim of this study is to know the effectiveness of additional of percoll gradient to that of two discontinuous percoll gradient. The sperm was taken from 30 males who came to Andrology laboratory of Research and Development Center of Reproduction Health Service (Puslitbang Yankes) Surabaya for regular infertility consultation during January 1-March 1, 1998 period. Sample will be taken if the sperm volume > 2,5 ml, ranged from extreme oligo-asthenoteratozoosperrmia to normo-spermia. Samples were divided into 3 groups of 10 each, where each group was treated by two (40% and 90%), three (40%, 60% and 90%) and six (40%,60% 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%) discontinuous percoll gradient. Parameters of the post treated sperm are sperm concentration,sperm motility of type (a b) and sperm form. The results showthat there was a significant difference in sperm concentration among the three discontinuous percoll gradient. In the six discontinuous percoll gradients, sperm concentration was highlysignificant lowered (p=0, 0100). There was also a significant difference of sperm motility of type (a b) before and after sperm preparation using two (p=0, 0021) and three discontinuous percoll gradients (p=0, 0073). It can be concluded that any addition to two discontinuous percoll gradient was proved to be useless

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