Soil stabilization with new hard and cement mixtures.

Fajarman (2012) Soil stabilization with new hard and cement mixtures.

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At present, one of the development activities in Indonesia is the provision of physical infrastructure, such as construction of road infrastructure, preparation of agriculture land and settlement living areas. Part of these activities are located on peat soil with a variety of thickness which have an extremely low bearing capacity. Consequently, there are many construction problems when building on layers of peat soil. The problems are generally caused by the high permeability, the extremely low bearing capacity, high consolidation properties, especially secondary compression with long duration. A large number of road damage is occuring relatively faster than the expected lifetime, and they often need large costs for road maintenance on that location. Stabilization is one known method in civil engineering to improve the strength of a soil. Cement stabilization is one of several known methods. The results of this research show that Cement (PC) NewHard (NH) admixture can improve the strength of peat to a siginificant value for several contents and proportions. At Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) with 28 days of curing, the addition of 10 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH proportions can improve the Unconfined Compression Strengths (qu) of peat up to 2.28 kg/cm2; an addition of 12 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH up to 3,02 kg/cm2, and an addition of 14 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH up to 3.15 kg/cm2. While without stabilization the Unconfined Compression Strength (qu) of peat was only 0.43 kg/cm2 at OMC condition. The bearing Ratio (CBR) value also increased up to 6.5 % with an addition of 10 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH, 7.0 % with an addition of 12 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH and 9.0 % with an addition of 14 % with 50 % PC 50 % NH, with 28 days curing time. While before stabilization the CBR value was 1.8 %. With more addition of PC NH, the peat strength tended to increase too. So it can be included that the strength and the bearing capacity of peat depend on the addition of PC NH, the curing time and also the peat water content.

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