Stabilization of clay with emulid 424 asphalt residue.

Prasetya, Philipus (2012) Stabilization of clay with emulid 424 asphalt residue.

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Soil stabilization is one of several methods to improve the properties soil in order to have the capability to fulfill highway structural design requirements. This thesis describes a laboratory investigation of soil stabilization using Emulid 424 asphalt residue. For this purpose soil samples were taken from Ujung Berung, Subang and Bontang. Both Ujung Berung clay and Bontang clay are classified as CH (USCS) or A-7-6 (AASHTO) and Subang clay is classified as MH (USCS) or A-7-5 (AASHTO). The investigations of both CBR and UCS were made on the soils treated with 0 %, 5 %, 10 %, 15 % and 20 % Emulid 424 asphalt residue emulsion by weight of dry soil. The mixture were tested for CBR and UCS after 7 days and 14 days of curing. The change of residue-soil mix is indicated as it reduced the PI of the soil. For example, the PI of natural Ujung Berung soil of 56.99 % was reduced to 40.01 % for a 15 % residue content. The CBR investigation for 10 % - 15 % residue content showed that the trend of CBR increase is significant up to 157 %, for example: for Bontang soil mix made with 10 % residue content, the CBR value increased from 3.5 % to 8.9 % after 7 days of curing. Furthermore, the CBR value reduced with an increase to 20 % of residue content, for example, the CBR value for Ujung Berung mix reduced from 1.7 % to 1.0 %. For the standard durability test the specimen broke down during water immersion within less than one day. So the durability test method was modified to water immersion of 26 degree C during 30 minutes for specimen with 7 days of curing. The residue-clay mixes with a greater than 75 % of the dray UCS strength. Soil stabilization with asphalt residue produced increased CBR and UCS values of soil mix up to respectively 8.9 and 7.9 kg/cm2. Based on Bina Marga standard, these stabilized soils are not acceptable for subbase material (CBR of 20 %), but it can be used for subgrade material.

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