Traffic delays at a railway crossing in Bandung.

Rianto, Janu (2012) Traffic delays at a railway crossing in Bandung.

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Railway crossing cause delay to traffic. This study focused on delay when the gates were open. A two lane approach in one direction, on a dual railway crossing at jalan Laswi in Bandung, was observed during one day. Analysis was confined to two hours,i.e. 7.00 to 8.00 am during the morning peak period and 10.00 to 11.00 am during the off peak period; 14 five-minute intervals which were not affected by queue discharges, were selected for detailed analysis. In total 2407 vehicles were observed which was more than the minimum required number. The overall free flow speed at lane 1 and 2 were 49.08 and 42.68 km/hr respectively; for each type of vehicle lane 1, or the inside lane, was also the faster lane. Concurrently the geometric delay of 3.85 sec/veh at lane 1 was slightly higher than 3.61 sec/veh at lane 2; geometric delays were only observed until the last rail of the crossing, and were assumed constant over the range of conditions. Queueing delay, or the difference between actual and geometric delay, for motorcycles was generally smaller than for light vehicles; this indicates that at the crossing motorcycles were moving faster than light vehicles. These queueing delays were found to be increasing with flow; however, the observed values were lower than the theoretical values with an M/M/1 assumption, indicating that arrivals and/or departures were more uniformly distributed than assumed. The observed values at lane 1 had a poor fit (R superscript 2 = 0.206) to an exponential curve; to the data in lane 2 no sensible curve could be fitted, and the probable use of the hard shoulder also produced an unreasonably high theoretical service rate. This study recommends to investigate whether geometric delay depends on flow, and to derive full geometric, actual, and queueing delays, for different road characteristics; other theoretical distributions need also be investigated.

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