Laboratory performance of asphalt concrete containing coconut fibres.

Roi Santoso, Sudiro (2012) Laboratory performance of asphalt concrete containing coconut fibres.

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Fibres from the coconut shell is found in all areas of Indonesia and if it can be used effectively as an additive in bituminous mixture it may provide one solution to improve pavement performance. This thesis describes a laboratory evaluation of asphalt concrete containing 0.01 %, 0.03 % and 0.05 % coconut fibres by weight of total mix; nominal fibre lengths investigated and for control purposes, mixes without coconut fibres were also investigated. All mixes were designed by Marshall analysis and Marshall immersion, indirect tensile strength and wheel tracking tests were performed on mixes prepared at the optimum bitumen content. Marshall analysis showed that coconut fibres content and length influenced optimum bitumen content. Asphalt concrete with 0.05 % of 0.5 cm fibres had the lowest optimum bitumen content (6.0 %) while the mix with 0.05 % of 3 cm fibres had the highest optimum bitumen content (7.1 %). The optimum bitumen content of the mix with 0 % was 6.3 %. The mix with 0 % fibre had the highest retained Marshall stability (89.08 %). Of the mixes containing fibres, the mix with 0.01 % of 0.5 cm fibres had the highest retained stability (87.49 %). The mix with 0.05 % of 0.5 cm fibres registered the best performance in the mix with 0 % fibre which in turn showed superior performance to that of the other fibres length/content combinations. The predicted value of mixture stiffness modulus at 25 degree C was also highest for the 0.05 %/0.5 cm combination. Difficulty was experienced in preparing mixes at the higher %ages of the longer fibres; intertwining of the fibres possibly caused localized weaknesses, contributing to the relatively poor performance of these mixes. Keeping the fibres length at 0.5 cm enabled the fibres to be distributed more uniformly throughout the mix thereby enhancing performance.

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