Characterization of asphalt layer modulus for Indonesian temperature conditions.

Eddy Triyanto Sudjatmiko, A (2012) Characterization of asphalt layer modulus for Indonesian temperature conditions.

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The effect on asphalt pavements of environmental conditions is well recognized. Temperature variation is one of the important factors to be considered in modern pavement structural design in view of the fact that the in-service modulus of the asphalt layer is influenced primarily by temperature. This thesis provides specific information on the in-service temperature at depths up to 24.5 cm at a selected site in the Jakarta area. Temperature gradients were determinated at 3-hour intervals during the course of a day over a 3-month period representative of climate conditions in the Jakarta area; gradients were established for 8 days in each month. Air temperature measurements were made in the immediate vicinity of the test site and related airtemperature data was also collected from the meteorological office. The implications of the measured temperature gradients for pavement design was analyzed by assessing the effective modulus of the asphalt layer. Definitely, the effective asphalt modulus is the modulus which if assigned to the entire asphalt layer would result in the same subgrade damage or asphalt layer fatigue damage as if asphalt modulus gradients were taken into account. The analysis show that the effective asphalt modulus is essentially the same when determined on the basis of either the subgrade strain or asphalt strain criterion. For example, for the temperature gradients measured in July, effective asphalt moduli calculated on the basis of subgrade strain and asphalt strain are, respectively, 1817 Mpa and 1797 Mpa. The results indicate that an MMAT of 27.6 degree C may be taken as a reference temperature for the design of asphalt pavements in the Jakarta area. If an MMAT value of 27.6 o C is taken as the reference temperature, an effective asphalt modulus of 1807 Mpa is appropriate for use in pavement structural analysis. An estimate of effective asphalt modulus forMMAT values in the range 27.7 o C to 29.1 o C is given.

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