Operational characteristics of becaks and taxis in Bandung.

Suhardono (2012) Operational characteristics of becaks and taxis in Bandung.

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This study reports the operational characteristics of becaks and taxis in Bandung. Becaks and taxis play an important role in urban public transport service, and are not competing between each other. Both can serve door to door transport but differ in operating cost, distance and travel time. Primary data collection was carried out on site and from diary interviews with drivers, passengers and owners. Secondary data was collected from the Bandung Municipality, Dispenda, DLLAJ and related institutions. The becaks survey was carried out at four locations i.e: Station Hall area, R.E. Martadinata area, Achmad Yani area and Kiaracondong area. Four taxi firms i.e: Primkopau, Kota Kembang, Gemah Ripah and 4848 were also asked about the operational and management aspects of the taxi company. From the results of the becak passenger survey, all respondents did not agree if becaks were banned, whereas in the long term programme becaks had to be banned according to the local government's policy. Therefore, if the policy were implemented, it would be necessary to provide an alternative mode to substitute becaks. From driver and passenger data the average speed of becaks was 3.78 km/hour; cost/passenger-km was Rp.880.40; cost/duration was Rp.68.98/minute andcost/distance was Rp.1.100/km, whereas the result of the taxis survey found that average speed of taxis was 16.12 km/hour; cost/passenger-km was Rp 687.70; cost duration was Rp.253.38/minute and cost/distance was Rp.940/km. Taxi journeys of less than 22 km showed that fare data from drivers were higher than fares based on distance only, indicating possible waiting times. In contrast, for distances around 22 km to 25 km, fares based on distance were higher than fare data from drivers, indicating possible charter journeys.

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