Sexual attitudes, unwanted Pregnancy and unsave abortion

Uddin, Jurnalis (2002) Sexual attitudes, unwanted Pregnancy and unsave abortion.

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The sexual attitudes of the contemporary Asian people as depicted by TIME magazine in its March 19, 2001 edition are prone to be similar (1999) depicts the sexual attitudes of the contemporary Indonesian muslim youth. By taking 2 big cities and 2 villages that lie in 2 different Indonesian big island as their place of study, they come to a solid conclusion that the sexual attitudes of the Indonesian youth is already get caught with what has been achieved by their peer in Asia. On of the consequences of this trend is unwanted pregnancy. But the change of the sexual attitudes is not the only reason of the continuous rising number of unwanted pregnancy. Physical and mental health, contraception failure, rape, incest, fetus is diagnosed to have untreatable genetic disease are compelling reasons why they seek save abortion. But in most developing countries, including Indonesia, induced abortion in regarded as a criminal act and deserved to be jailed. In facing an unmarried teenage girl who has been forcedly conceived by a rapist or a crook, the Indonesian ulama heartlessly advise the girl to marry the rapist and wait until the baby is borne. The ulama totally ignore the mental, psychological, social and cultural impact of a marriage that should be faced by the girl and her family. An induced abortion is only open to those whose pregnancy will threaten the life of the women. In some Islamic countries such as Turkey, Kuwait, Sudan, and Iraq their law allow their people to have induced abortion not only if the life of pregnant women is threaten of the existence of the fetus, but also if the women have physical and mental ailment, the pregnancy is due to rape or incest of if the fetus has untreatable genetic diseases. Up to date there is no sign that the Criminal Law and the view of ulamas in Indonesia are going to be reviewed. To overcome this dead alley, it is now left one solution that is to socialize the use of secondary of emergency contraception that effective if used within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

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