Solar urticaria

M and Cholis (2002) Solar urticaria.

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Solar urticaria (SU) is a distinctive reaction pattern of wheals that develops within minutes after exposure to sunlight or artificial UVR and disappears within one or several hours. The action spectrum encompasses diverse, usually broad portions of the electromagnetic spectrum mostly in the UVA and visible regions, a variability probably reflecting a similar diversity in possible chromophores responsible for initiating the reaction, presumably by leading to photoallergen production. Immediate and short lasting wheals formation suggests that an immediate type of allergic reaction is involved in the pathogenesis of SU. In most cases, a circulating photoallergen in the patient's serum seems to be an etiological factor. The development of hours to a day or so of tolerance to whealing by repeated skin exposure to the eliciting wavelengths is not uncommon in SU perhaps because IgE-binding sites on mast cells remain blocked by photoallergen already present. For the treatment of SU, systemic use of antihistamines or antimalarial drugs is beneficial in some patients. So called desensitisation can occur after repeated exposure to natural sunlight or to artificial light sources. PUVA photochemotherapy has also been used with beneficial effect. In some patients, plasmapheresis has been found useful in providing unresponsiveness to UVR for prolonged periods of time.

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