Straw-Headed Bulbul (Cucak Rawa)

S and Balen, Van (2012) Straw-Headed Bulbul (Cucak Rawa).

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Range:Peninsular Malaysia (where status is unknown), Thailand, where its is extremely scarce and threatened by habitat desctruction and bird trade (Round 1988); Malaysia, where still quite common (Wells 1994 in litt. in Collar 1994); first record since many years in Singapore in 1984 (Wells 1990: 166), where it is distributed over two small populations nowadays (Lim, K.S. 1992: 42 - 43); and Greater Sundas (Indonesia: see below).Change in range:Sumatra:Still widespread in the 1970, but not a single record subsequent to 1978 in the Riau and Bengkulu province (Holmes 1996); many specimens have been collected on pre-World War II expeditions, and e.g. Chasen and Hoogerwerf (1941) reported the species as occuring "almost everywhere between 200 and 1000m" in the Gayo highlands. This is very much in contrary to present surveys e.g. in Jambi and Riau, where the "Spirit of Sumatra" expedition, consisting of two separate teams, covered extensive areas of swamp forest in three months in 1992, on Danielsen and Heegand (1995) during two months in 1991: not even a single Straw-headed Bulbul was observed during both surveys.Kalimantan:Very abundant along all rivers courses (Pfeffer 1960 - 1961); abundant resident in the lowlands (Smythies 1981). Recorded from all provinces (Holmes and Burton 1987), but las record by D.A. Holmes in Kalimantan in 1985 (Holmes 1996) Nowadays almost exclusively found in the most remote parts of the island such as Kayan Mentarang National Park and Barito Ulu.Java:Locally extirpated [on Java] (Koningsberger 1911 - 1915: 347). Uncommon or rare in Java (Hoogerwerf 1969 - 1971: 91); fairly rare in nowadays Java (Hellebrekers and Hoogerwerf 1967: 94); apparently the species has been rare since the past hundred years, as attested by the relativity few records. Though stated as recorded from all parts of Java (Kuroda 1933), only records from West Java could be tracked down.Nature of distribution:No recent locations are knows for Java, only very scattered records for Sumatra where it may become extinct very soon. Kalimantan seems to have a few strongholds where the species seems to survive to date (Kayan Mentarang National Park, Barito Hulu).Extent of occurence:Difficult to estimateArea of occupancy:Scattered and fragmented

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