Autorisasi User Pada Aplikasi Basis Data Berbasis Komputer Programming

Rahayu Ningsih, Sri (2003) Autorisasi User Pada Aplikasi Basis Data Berbasis Komputer Programming. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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Authorization represent a process giving of permission to someone to do or have something. Authorization limit or arrange consumer in accessing application. Its arrangement usually conducted by administrator. Cryptography is an artistic or science to protect message. One of the algorithm of cryptography is DES (Data Encryption Standard). DES key for the process of encryption and decryption must be same. DES operate on binary system. DES will divide data in each including become 64 bit key and 56 bit. 64 bit data permutation will be divided two each 32 bit, then each this 32 bit data will be operated by substitution and addition of key up to 16 step. Afterwards, both this data joined become 64 bit again and conducted by final permutation which represent opponent of permutation early. Enhanced key at the time operation of encryption have separate process. Decryption process do not far differend from data encryption process. Its difference happened at the time of usage key and shifted of bit. Applying authorization and algorithm DES for database application become one of the way to protect data, more than anything else the application run at network system hence authorization and DES very useful for the security used data. In database very required rights access or Authorization to every user in using its application. With existence of user authorization hence each user have boundaries in accessing an application. Algorithm of DES, set key yielded for the process of erratic encryption so that result of same encryption becoming not same. Besides result of from process of encryption always more than 64 bit while at theory result of encryption is 64 bit. This cause inappropriate between practice and theory, and unresolved till now why the mentioned earn happened. At implementation in network, process the way application become slower compared to the way application at computer of stand alone. The mentioned can be caused by the existence transfer of data server to client or on the contrary passing medium hardware in the form of cable.

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