Urban Hotel Syariah Bandung

Lathifah, Luthfu (2017) Urban Hotel Syariah Bandung. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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Muslims believe that Islam laws (sharia) apply to every aspect of life, including when people are going to create a building. Creating a building (like a hotel, for example) has to consider the principles of Islam Sharia laws; it doesn��t create problems/obstacles (Adam al-Haraj), reduces the burden (Taklil al-Taklif), applies the laws periodically, is beneficial to other people, and serves fairness. Sharia hotels sustain tourism and now are being expanded by Bandung City government and private companies. The high demands have increased the number of this kind of hotel in Bandung every year. Muslim tourists are now having more awareness to consider Sharia values when choosing a hotel to stay. ��Religious comfort�� is the main reason of these people when the prefer Sharia hotels to general hotels. The interior parts of Sharia hotels are designed to internalize Islamic values in the building. The concept is based on Islam law principles such as Hablum minallah or the connection between a person and his/her God, Hablum minannas or the connection between a person and other people, and Hablum minal alamin or the connection between a person and the universe. These principles are needed and perfectly fit to create a Sharia hotel which are implemented on its interior design.

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