Analysis of economic value added and marketing value added to return shares in lndonesia Stock Exchange (lSXl Year 2006-2009

Surtikanti (2018) Analysis of economic value added and marketing value added to return shares in lndonesia Stock Exchange (lSXl Year 2006-2009.

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lnvestors generally buy a stock with hope to receive dividends and capital gains. lt is relatively to assurance that their investment will be guaranteed, although the risk of failure is always there in every investment. Many companies are able to increase their positive.returns that reflect the company's ability to manage their asset as well.The lack of of return (dividend yield and capital gains) received by investors seen from the data issued by the lndonesia Stock Exchange (lSX) statistics through 2008. lt describes 352 companies .listed on the ISX condition which only 150 firms that distribute dividends and they are relatively unstable. It mean only 43% of companies tisted on the Stock Exchange lndonesia are active when rest of them is not active. This is also confirmed by the results of Murdani Nyak (2003) that the result is nine out often investors that invested in shares are loss. Basically, all investors want the highest possibility return from their investment. lnvestor will always find a way to earn higher profits than the cost. ln assessing the financial performance of companies, it is usually performed using analysis of liquidity ratios, solvency ratios and profitability ratios. I However, these ratios have weaknesses that these ratios will only have a meaning if there are comparisons with the ratio from similar companies that have alnrost the same level of risk. And they have a trend analysis of each ratio to the ratio in previous years. Economic Value Added (EVA) measures the value added in a given period. The added value is created when companies earn profits above its cost of capital. Variants other than EVA is Market Value Added (MVA)which is also recommended by Stewart.MVA providing more appropriate measure to assess management's success in creating wealth for the owners of the company. The most common measure of prosperity for investors is the return on shares (shares return). Therefore, the measure used to assess the performance of the company should have a direct connection with the return received by shareholders. As a good benchmark, EVA and MVA should have significant impact on shareholder wealth of a company, as other performance benchmarks. On the basis of thought above, the researcher will conduct research on the measurement of corporate performance with the title: "The lmpact of Economic Value Added (EVA) and Market Value Added (MVA) on Return Shares ln lndonesia Stock Exchange year 2005-2008".

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