Economic0Impact and Current Results0of0Urbanization (the0case0of0Indonesia)

Dr and Dwi Santy, Raeni and Se and Si, M and Mayasari Buhari, Refi and Pd, S and S, S (2018) Economic0Impact and Current Results0of0Urbanization (the0case0of0Indonesia).

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The ��growth0of0urban population in Indonesia is commonly fast due to permanently inclinig urbanization0flows. Rise of urbanization flows caused by disbalance between Indonesian cities and rural areas development, by investment, manufacture and technologies concentration in few areas in central Indonesian provinces, by social and demographic reasons that are common for all asian countries. This study is oriented to consider most0important factors0of0Indonesian urbanization,0its positive0and negative0effects in0current conditions, to discover directions for modernization of Governmental role in regulation and control of urbanization processes. Special issues0of0this paper0are0concentrated0around0problem of urbanization0role in0development of0Indonesia (national and regional level), problem of National labor and internal migration policy0and problem of0niveling disbalance0between urban0and rural0areas. Finally, this paper includes0special0conclusions0and reccommendations for0modernization of0National0and0Regonal programms0oriented0to0optimise internal conditions of urbanization development in Indonesia, that based on best achievements0of0international0experience0and0used0local0Indonesian0featuresof urbanization��.

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