Transfer Predicate in Novel The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho: A Study Of Syntax And Semantics

Bakti, Emily (2018) Transfer Predicate in Novel The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho: A Study Of Syntax And Semantics. Diploma thesis, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

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This research title is Transfer Predicate In Novel The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelho: A Study Of Syntax and Semantics, analyze about transfer predicate and constituents following the arguments. Method that use to analyze the data in this research is analytic descriptive. Based on analysis, there are 9 data which represented those focused of transfer predicate, divided into 3 data focused on path, 2 data focus on source. 2 data focus on goal, 1 data focus on path and goal, and 1 data focus on source and goal; whether in each data, mostly the constituent that follows is noun phrase. Theories that are used to identified transfer predicate in a sentence mostly based on Kreidler and Smith,.The data source was taken from the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelho , where the original language are made in Spanish, and being translated into English. All data were taken from the novel that consider are represented the topic of sentence contained of transfer predicate, which focused on path, goal,and source. The result from identifying all data can be conclude, that those sentences which has transfer predicate mostly make a change of position, movement of object, and there are pattern or track that are made as a result from the changing. All data that being analyze showed dependencies between syntactic and semantic analytic.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: data; goal; path; source; transfer predicate.
Subjects: S1-Final Project > Fakultas Sastra > Sastra Inggris > 2018
Divisions: Universitas Komputer Indonesia > Fakultas Sastra
Universitas Komputer Indonesia > Fakultas Sastra > Sastra Inggris (S1)
Date Deposited: 31 Jan 2019 10:24
Last Modified: 31 Jan 2019 10:24

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