Multi-Precision Interval Arithmetic Unit For Real Time System

Mulyana, Agus and Yeka Kerlooza, Yusrila (2015) Multi-Precision Interval Arithmetic Unit For Real Time System. ICo-ApICT 2015.

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Arithmetic units have a vital role to give intermediate values from a process to the next. In real-time system, all operations have a deadline that must be met in order for the system failures. The process of summation, subtraction, division is done conventionally are still potentially raises an error if applied to real-time system because of delays required outcomes. This occurs because the process of computing done in a sequential manner and the operation carried out bit-per-bit. In addition, the conventional method will only produce a single output value, and all the bits must be processed from LSB to MSB. Under these conditions, the conventional method is not suitable to be applied in real-time system, so it must have a method that can perform the addition operation, subtraction and division in Parallel. The method will be used is MSB-First, the process of computing will be done bit by bit from MSB to the LSB. In addition, also used the interval arithmetic method, this method aims to reduce errors, and produces two output values that will maintain the real value. Using the MSB-First and Interval Arithmetic, hopefully the process will be faster computing while still producing high accuracy.In addition, this method will be able to provide the system with the accuracy of the results between the varied, so whenever the next process needs, the intermediate results of computing the width of each already be available. Given these conditions, expected real-time system is not experiencing a failure.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Real-Time system, Interval Artihmetic, MSB-FIRST , Parallel Computation, Accuracy, Multi-Precision
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Divisions: Universitas Komputer Indonesia > Perpustakaan UNIKOM
Date Deposited: 10 Dec 2015 10:25
Last Modified: 31 Jan 2019 10:25

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