Analisis Pembelajaran Matematika di Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Swasta Kabupaten Trenggalek tahun ajaran 1998/1999

In Am, Ahsanul and Drs and Si, M (2000) Analisis Pembelajaran Matematika di Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Swasta Kabupaten Trenggalek tahun ajaran 1998/1999.

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As an effort to improve the teaching learning process of mathematical in private madrasah ibtidaiyah in Trenggalek regency in academical year 1998/1999, this research takes 38b madrasah ibtidaiyah as the sample among 109 madrasah ibtidaiyahtaken by using purposive random sampling. The techniques used to take data are interview, observation and documentation. Then the data analysis by using comparative analysis tehneque.The result of the research shows that 1) the condition of madrasah ibtidaiyah can be said static because almost 86.67 % of madrasah ibtidaiyah that have been built in 1950-1960 only 15.15 % that has been equalized, 81.81 % legalized and 3.08 % registerd, 2) related to the background of the teacher, 96.07 % is not suitable with his academical background and only 3.93 % graduated from PGA IPA, 3) among the teacher 39.39 % have been working over 12 years, and 12.12 % not more than year with the ability far from the standart, 4) the coordinator among the teacher of mathematics, (51.85% often, 37.08 % seldom and 11.11 % never conduct the coordination), 5) the preparation in teaching (55.56 % often, 29.63 % seldom, 14.81 % never make the preparation), 6) the condition of texbook as the most dominant factor in teaching learning process is very poor because the economical condition is very poor and there is no financial support from the government, 7) the result of NEM in mathematics is very poor because 50 % among the students get not more 6, 13.64 % get 6 - 7, 18.18 % get 7 - 8 and 3.03 % get over 9.Based on the result above, so there are so many recommendation to improve/increase the teaching learning process, they are 1) for departmen of religion affairs , a) to give the texbook of mathematics, b) conduct upgrading for teachers of mathematics focused on the material in teaching, c) conduct the coordination with an educatiobal bureau to incerase/improve the quality of the teacher, d) give chance to the teacher ti program post graduate, diploma or S-1 , e) conduct the recruitment based on their field of education, 2) for the foundation a) increase means and infrastucture tu support the teaching learning process, b) increase the teacher welfare , c) conduct a continue discussion among mathematical teacher for madrasah ibtidaiyah, 3) for the teacher a) to activate the coordination among the teacher of mathematics, b) try to increase the anality by increasing the texbooks related to their field of education.

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