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A, Deden and Sya, Wahab and Roni and Supriyati, S and Dwi Yulianto, Hery and Puti Purfini, Apriani (2015) Creative Industry Asset Management Model with Sm@rt Asset BSC in Bandung Raya. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Abdul Wahab Sya, Deden and Roni (2015) Entrepreneurship Modernity in Achieving Competitive Advantage (Studies of the Small Business of Foods in Bandung). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Afrianto, Irawan (2015) Design And Development Network Attached Storage For Elementary School Academic Data Center (Case Study: Gugus 45 Bandung). In: 2nd ICO-APICT (International Conference On Applied Information and Communication Technology) 2015, 10 November 2015, Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

Afrianto, Irawan and Nurani, Syifa and Susanto, Andik (2015) Architecture Of E-Desa Based Cloud Computing As Information Access And Administration Of Village Online. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Albar, Deni (2015) Study of Visual Interaction and Experience to Play Farmville Game on Facebook. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ambarsih Ekawardhani, Yully (2015) Application Of Anthropomorphism To Protagonist And Antagonist Character In Animated Film Series Dufan The Defender. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Andi and Made Aryantha Anthara, I (2015) Proposed Autonomous Maintenance Of Preform Manufacturing At Pt. Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, Bekasi. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Aria, Muhammad (2015) Automatic Parallel Parking System Based on Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Controller. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Aria, Muhammad and Mulyana, Agus and Albar, Deni (2015) Smart Interactive Campus Map For Universitas Komputer Indonesia. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Benaya Lesar, Gilby and Afrianto, Irawan (2015) Design And Development Network Attached Storage For Elementary School Academic Data Center (Case Study: Gugus 45 Bandung). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Binnur Andriansyah, Kikin and Priaji Martana, Salmon and Sukardi, Rahy (2015) Optimizing Natural Daylight for School Building. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Brastama Putra, Agung and Suryani, Erma (2015) Scenarios Development To Increase Price Stability And Inventories Of Sugar Industry Using System Dynamics Approach. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Budi Setiawan, Eko (2015) Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) On Employee Performance. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Cahyaningtyas, Rizqia and Yostira, Efy and Hendro Martono, Wisnu and Raymond, Rifky (2015) Management System Design Of The Computer Laboratory As Optimization Electrical Power. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Dara Andriana, Anna (2015) Audit It Governance In Pdam Tirtawening Kota Bandung Using Cobit 5. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Darmayadi, Andrias and Mulyana, Budi and Dewitriwahyuni and Octaputri, Sylvia (2015) Prospect Of Bandung City As The Center Of Information And Communication Technology (Ict) In Facing Asean Community 2015. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Dewianggadini, Sri (2015) The Role Of Information Technology On The Development Of Accounting Information System. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Dewiyanti, Dhini and Kurniasih, Dewi (2015) Mobilizing The Partnerships Models As A Step For Sustainability In Green Open Spaces Procurement In Bandung, Indonesia. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Dharmawan, Cherry (2015) Smart Home To Enhance A Better Living. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Dwi Santy, Raeni (2015) The Big Five Personality Influences and Consumer Materialism against Purchasing Impulsive (Survey on Mall visitors in Bandung city). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Dwi Yulianto, Hery and Astuty Permana, Asty (2015) Design Of Accounting Information System Shopping Operating And Maintenance Facilities And Infrastructure With Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 And Mysql Server. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Edi Irawan, Rahmat (2015) ICT in the Media Television; From Media Convergence to Citizen Journalism. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Eka Surya, Desayu and Purwaningwulan, Melly M (2015) Unikom Cyber Existence As A Media Information By The Directorate Of Information & Communication Technology & Multimedia In Delivering Information To Students. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Fadhilah, Anna (2018) Pelatihan e-learning dan media belajar untuk meningkatkan layanan pemustaka.

Finandhita, Alif (2015) Design Of Multi-Tenancy Architecture Software As A Service (Saas) Quality Assessment Tool. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Fitriati, Desti (2015) Early Detection On Diabetic Retinopathy Stage Level Based On Knowledge Base Using Extreme Learning Machine Method. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Ginanjar Laksana, Tri and Sudarajat, Dadang (2015) The Study Of C4.5 (Decision Tree Model) Classification Algorithm To Analyse And Predict The Economic Based Effective Contraceptives. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ginting, Darwin (2015) Land Registration In Information Technology Prespective Based On Agrarian Law In Indonesia. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Handoko, Yeffry (2015) Analysis Strategy and Designing IT Architecture for Virtual Shop Model in Indonesia based on Evolving Model. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Hardyantoro Aziz, Giri and Robecca, Julian (2015) Analysis Of The Production Process Quality Control Of Airbus A-380 Using The Concept Of Lean Six Sigma Approach At Pt Dirgantara Indonesia Bandung. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Hasti, Novrini and Seno Aji, Adhityo (2015) Information System Of Property Advertising Using Android Based. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Hendita, Gregorius (2015) Implementation Object Oriented Programming (Oop) For Information System Monitoring Promotional Activity. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Hidayat and Istiana, Sono (2015) Special Calculator For The Blind With Input Braille Code Based On Microcontroller. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Ibrahim, Huda and Md Dahalin, Zulkhairi and Yasin, Azman and Khairudin Kasiran, Mohd and Othman, Nafishah and Iadah Yusop, Nor and Mat Aji, Zahurin and Zahir Mat Cha, Md and Amir Abu Seman, Mohd (2015) Collaborative Model of Institution of Higher Learning - Rural e-Community Development. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ihsan, Muhammad (2015) Impulse Buying Analysis Of Cunsomers At Surf Inc Bandung. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Indriani Lestariningati, Susmini (2015) Implementation Of Linux Zentyal As A Voip Server For Web Based Conference Room Application. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Indriani Lestariningati, Susmini and Setyo Nugroho, Bramasto (2015) Web Based Integrated Smarthome Applications: Control, Monitoring And Security. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Indrianto and Nur Indah Susanti, Meilia (2015) Embedded System Practicum Module Design To Increase Student Comprehension Of Microcontroller-Based Embedded System Technology And Course. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ismawati, Linna and Nurdianto, Adyt (2015) The Influence Of Working Capital And Liquidity To Profitability In The Telecommunications Company Listed On The Indonesia Stock Exchanged Period 2007 - 2012. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Kerlooza, Yusrila (2015) The Student-Centered DIY Learning Methodon Robotics A Reflective Study on the 7th Anniversary of TheDivisiRobotika UNIKOM. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Kurnia Rahayu, Siti (2015) Accounting Data Input Quality In Small Taxpayer Offices In Java Indonesia. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Kurniasih, Dewi and Dwi Yulianto, Hery (2015) Determination of Development Priority through E-Government Applications in the City of Serang. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Kyu Song, Suk (2015) Application of Genetic Algorithm in the Design of Distributed Corporate Database Systems. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Mahardika, Tegar and Andriana, Iyan (2015) Quality Control Proposal Using Seven Tool Of Statistical Processing Control On The Transformer Product At Pt Nikkatsu Electrics Works. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Md Dahalin, Zulkhairi (2015) Ict For Transformation: An Information Strategy Approach. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Melian, Lusi and Nur Azmi, Nisa (2015) Web Based Umrah Service Information System Design (Case Study : PT. MAKDIS TOUR). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Merlin Djajalaksana, Yenni and Sugiarto, Welly (2015) Assessment on the Implementation of SAP Asset Management (A Case Study at PT. X). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Mulyana, Agus and Yeka Kerlooza, Yusrila (2015) Multi-Precision Interval Arithmetic Unit For Real Time System. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Mulyana, Ofi and Dwi Yulianto, Hery (2015) Design Of Activity Statement Accounting Information System Badan Layanan Umum Balai Besar Bahan Dan Barang Teknik (B4t) Using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 And Mysql Based Client Server. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Narimawati, Umi and Mamankusman (2015) Accountancy Behavior and Behavioral Accountancy Epistimology Review For Clarification. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ngoc Nam, Pham (2015) Adaptive Http Streaming: Problems And Solutions. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ngoc Nam, Pham (2015) Combined Smart Sleeping and Power Scaling for Energy Efficiency in Green Data Center Networks. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Noviyanti, Windy (2015) Students' Loyalty in terms of Institutions Image and Trust (Survey on Students of DIII Programs at Private University in Bandung City). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Noviyasari, Citra (2015) Prototype Application Distro Cloud Inventory. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Noviyasari, Citra and Fitrianty, Emalia (2015) Designing Of Health Services Information System. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Nurhayati, Sri and Puji Anshari, Firdaus (2015) Snapper Fish Diseases Diagnosis Using Android Based Application. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Priaji Martana, Salmon (2015) Improving Serang-Banten Farmers Welfare Through Agropolitan Business Park. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Purworini, Dian (2015) Indonesian Political Communication in the New Media Perspective: Assessing 2012 Jakarta Governor Election Campaign. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Rahajoeningroem, Tri and Utama, Jana and Aji Kharisma, Wisnu (2015) PC Based Digital Oscilloscope. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Ratna Komala, Adeh (2015) Accounting Information Systems At The Organization Of National Zakat Management. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Rusjdi, Darma and Hartanti, Dian (2015) Development Of Archery Tools Simulation Model Based On Embedded System. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Soeryanto Soegoto, Eddy (2015) The Analysis Of Software Implementations Of Admissions (New Students Admission Online) And Its Impact On Customer Value And The Decision To Choose To Be A Student Of Indonesia University Of Computer Bandung. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Solihah, Binti and Agoes, Suhartati and Pakpahan, Alfred (2015) Bioinformatics Implementation At The Android-Based Embedded Systems : A Case Study Implementation Of Hmm -Based Controller Exon On Arm926t Processor. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Subadra Abioso, Wanita and Irawanafrianto (2015) Analysis Model Of Building Life Cycle Toward Sustainable Architecture, Adaptation Of Lisa (Life Cycle Assessment In Sustainable Architecture) Instrument. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sudarajat, Dadang and Ginanjar Laksana, Tri (2015) The Applied Comparison Modeling Between Algorithm C4.5 And C4.5 Bagging-Based Algorithm To Clasify And Analyse Pilgrims In Cirebon 2014 - 2025. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sufa and Atin (2015) Analysis Of Acceptance Kuliahonline Unikom Services Using Technology Acceptance Model (Tam). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sukarta, Sintya and Rovi Achdini, Restu (2015) Web Based Incoming Goods And Stuff Out Information System At Sugarindo Store Garut. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Supatmi, Sri and Dwiguna Sumitra, Irfan (2015) Security Attack Algorithms In Wireless Sensors Network. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Supriyati, S and Novianti, Leni (2015) Design Of Management Information System Cost Of Good Sold And Profit Estimate Based On The Relevant Cost And Benefits Method In Joint Product On Umkm Creative Industries In The City Of Bandung Using Php And Mysql. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Supriyati, S and Septian Hanadi, Teddy (2015) Design Of Lapakmobile.Com Business Aplication At Pasar Tradisional Simpang Bandung Using Php And Mysql Bases Of Web. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sutono (2015) Design Trainer Mikrokontroler Arduino Board As Media Learning In Vocational High School (Smk). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sutriadi, Ridwan (2015) The Possibility of Information and Communication Technology to Cope with Job Housing Mismatch. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Sutriadi Tatang Suheri, Ridwan and Safariah, Rifiati (2015) Rw-Net In Bandung City, An Innovation Towards A Communicative City By Promoting Community Monitoring At The Neighborhood Level. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Suwartika K, Rini and Joto Sudirham, Janivita and Afrianto, Irawan (2015) Designing Of It Strategy Map In Pusat Sumber Daya Geologi Bandung. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Tri Mardiani, Gentisya (2015) Designing Information Technology Service Governance In Pt X Using Cobit 4.1 And Itil V.3. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Umaroh, Inayati and Riyanto, Agus (2015) The Sales Increasing Strategies For Shoes Product Using Swot Method In Primarindo Putra Perkasa Bandung. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Utama, Jana and Barry Husein, Abdul (2015) Prosthetic Robotic Arm Control System Using Emg Signal Detection. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Waluya Firdaus, Dony and Rusmana, Uus (2015) Accounting Information System Design Receivable At Santo Borromeus Hospital Bandung Using Software Microsoft Visual Basic.Net And Database Mysql. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Widilestariningtyas, Ony (2015) The Impact Of Information Technology Infrastructure Role To E-Spt Implementation. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Widilestariningtyas, Ony and Febryani Permana, Rika and Dwi Yulianto, Hery (2015) Design Of Accounting Information System Financial Statements Income Standards Based Sak-Etap On Cv Guna Property Using Software Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 And Database Mysql Based Client Server (Case Study: Cv Guna Property). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Widilestariningtyas, Ony and Sumanti, Vivi and Puti Purfini, Apriani (2015) Development Of Balance Sheet Financial Statement Accounting Information System At Klinik Using Uml Modeling (Case Study: Klinik Mutiara Cikutra). ICo-ApICT 2015.

Widyasastrena, Dimas (2015) Secondary Surveillance Radar (Ssr) Interrogator Analysis On Transmission Frequency Of 1030 Mhz. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Widyasastrena, Dimas and Indriyanto, Toto (2015) Network Based Landing System: An Alternative Of Landing System. ICo-ApICT 2015.

Wulantika, Lita and Purnama, Risma (2015) The Effect of Conflict and Stress At Work Towards Employee's Performance In PT. Bayer Indonesia-Bayer CropScience Of West. ICo-ApICT 2015.


Yunanto, Rio (2015) Design and Implementation Mobile Web Applications for Monitoring and Assistance to Support Poverty Reduction and Empowerment Program. ICo-ApICT 2015.

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