Delay at an oversaturated signalised intersection.

Nahdalina (2012) Delay at an oversaturated signalised intersection.

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This thesis describes research on delay at an oversaturated signalised intersection. The objectives of the research were to evaluate delay at a signal-controlled intersection when demand flow exceeds approach capacity and to compare the result with other methods, e.g. a simple simulation and the AKCELIK Model (1988). Calculation of the saturation flow and the passenger car equivalnet (pcu) values as delay calculation parameters at the signalised intersection were completed using Program PASS. The calculations were classified into two conditions, `in lane' conditions if motor cycles travelled in the same queue as the light vehicles, or `between-lane' condition if they traveled alongside the light vehicles forming a separate narrower traffic queue. The calculation produced used `all motor cycle' where both conditions were included. Total saturation flow per approach was 6618 pcu/h or 649 pcu/h/m, the MC pcu was 0.40 and the HV pcu was 1.25 for the oversaturated condition. The analysis of demand flow was aggregated in pcu/cycle and pcu/15-min and measured in the approach road beyond the end of any queues. The aggregated selection for pcu/cycle was based on the influence of variable cycle lengths which caused the intersection capacity to become variable too. The agregation per 15 min. was based on analyses of signalised intersection delay for aggregated demand flow per 15 minutes, so that if this study were to be continued with a comparison with other methods, then the analysis should be comparable. The comparison of the delay is sorted by time series and by degree of saturation. The results of the research are mean overall delays per veh. The measured delays were higher than the delay calculated using the AKCELIK Equation (1988) and the simple simulation. The other result from comparing the measured and AKCELIK delays is a new value of Xo in AKCELIK delay equation; Xo = 0.48 sg/600.

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