Development of instantaneous car fuel consumption model.

Prahara, Eduardi (2012) Development of instantaneous car fuel consumption model.

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This thesis describes research on the development of instataneous fuel consumption model. It is an energy-related model that expresses fuel consumption over unit of time. The objective of the research were to derive idling fuel consumption, steady speed fuel consumption, and to develop an instantaneous fuel consumption model for typical urban traffic. The accurate fuel flow meter named LC-5100 System and speed logger record were used to collect data of fuel consumption at idling, steady speed (no acceleration) on Padalarang - Cileunyi tollroad, and urban driving in Bandung selected route. The test vehicle was Toyota Kijang 1990 with 1486-cc engine capacity. From the observation, it was found that the idling fuel consumption of the test vehicle is 0.18 /- 0.00 ml/sec. Using regression analysis, the steady-speed fuel consumption model can be expressed as: f = 0.18 0.043v 0.000152v superscrict3 (R superscript2 = 0.98) [ml/sec].where v is steady speed in m/sec and the standard error of estimation is 0.13 ml/sec. From modelling exercise, the instantaneous fuel consumption model per unt time using regression analysis van be expressed as: ft=0.18 0.297 Rtv [0.253 a2v]subscript a0 (R2 = 0.54) for RT 0 [ml/sec] ft= 0.18 for RT driving test was found about 33 % over estimate.

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