Study on polished stone value of aggregates used for Jagorawi toll road.

Rahman, Harmein (2012) Study on polished stone value of aggregates used for Jagorawi toll road.

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Skid resistance is an important parameter in providing a safe road. A safe road surface should have a good combination of micro and macrotexture and be made with high skid resistance aggregates. For vehicles at high speeds, macrotexture is more improtant as it prevents aquaplaning; for vehicles at low speeds, microtexture is more essential. Aggregate with a high skid resistance, as represented by the Polished Stone Value (PSV), should be specified to ensure sufficient microtexture throughout the serviveable life of the pavement. The main objectives of this thesis were to examine the polishing characteristics of aggregates used as surfacing material by using the PSV apparatus, and to evaluate the use of PSV data together with other secondary data to estimate the Sideway Force Coeffiscient (SPC). This study also used the Sideway Force Coefficient at 50 kph (SFC50) and data on the Texture Depth. Both data were measured by Puslitbang Jalan in 1992 just after the implementation of a macroseal on part of the Jagorawi Toll Road. The SFC50 from the macroseal section is 0.68 on average, which was much higher compared with that from the non-macroseal section which was only 0.27 on average. The Texture Depth was also consistent with these SFC50 values which were 1.16 mm for the macroseal section and 0.082 mm for the non-macroseal section and 0.082 mm for the non-macroseal section. On the other hand, the PSV values for both sections were relatively similar, i.e. 37 for the macroseal section and 33 to 34 for the non-macroseal section. These PSV values were found to be in the common range for Basalt type materials. Further analysis with the Salts model, ANderson model and Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) study found that the relationship between PSV and SFC50 was not as expected. A Further study is recommended to calibrate such models for toll road conditions in Indonesia.

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