Laboratory evaluation of Split Mastic Asphalt (SMA) containing roadcel-50.

Sartiyono, Tasripin (2012) Laboratory evaluation of Split Mastic Asphalt (SMA) containing roadcel-50.

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Sistem dan Teknik Jalan Raya PPS-ITB, 1998.The high concentration of relatively single-size coarse aggregate in Split Mastic Asphalt (SMA) surfacing mix permits the use of high bitumen contents. To counteract drainage of bitumen from the mix, and reduce its temperature susceptibility, an additive is included in mix. Roadcel-50, a locally-produced additive, is derived from wood pulp and contains about 90 % cellulose fibre. This thesis describes a laboratory evaluation of SMA mixes containing Roadcel-50 in the amounts 0 %, 0.15 %, 0.3 %, 0.45 % and 0.6 % by weight of aggregate plus bitumen. For purposes of comparison, an asphalt concreate (AC) surfacing, LASTON Type IV, was also evaluated. Preliminary investigations showed that the addition of Roadcel-50 to bitumen resulted in increased softening point and reduced penetration, indicating a reinforcing effect. Of the SMA mixes investigated only those made with 0.15 % and 0.3 % complied fully with Bina Marga design criteria and had optimum bitumen contents in the range specified; the optimum bitumen content could not be determined for the mixes containing 0.45 % and 0.60 % additive because of non-compliance with the criterion for Marshall quotient. Addition of Roadcel-50 increases the capacity of the SMA mix to hold bitumen. Bitumen film thickness increases with increase in Roadcel-50 content and this is reflected in improved resistance to water damage. The low Marshall quotient of the SMA mixes relative to the AC mix suggests that these mixes have greater flexibility and resistance to cracking; the greater bitumen film thickness and the consequent improved resistance to hardening indicates that flexibility will be retained for a longer period. The stability of the AC mix at optimum bitumen content is considerably higher than that of the SMA mixes, all of which have comparable levels of stability. In contrast, the performance of SMA mixes in the wheel tracking test is much superior to taht of the AC mix; the resistance of SMA mix to deformation, as indicated by this test, increases with increase in Roadcel-50 content. Other types of test are needed to investigate more thoroughly the relative resistance to permanent deformation of the SMA and AC mixes. Except for the wheel tracking test SMA mixes made with 0.15 % and 0.3 % Roadcel-50 are comparable in performance. Practical considerations may necessitate the use of the higher additive content.

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