Argojati lime in soil stabilization.

Satrio, Budi (2012) Argojati lime in soil stabilization.

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Argijati lime is lime that has been further developed by including an additive material. This research examined the effectiveness of Argojati lime in improving the strength and other characteristics of a selected soil when compared with standard lime. Portlandite and Calcite are common to both standard lime and Argojati lime. However, Argijati lime contains in addition gypsum, pyrite and illite, and these additional elements may account for the special nature of Argijati lime. The addition of standard and Argojati lime to the soil classified as A-7-5 or CH, resulted in a progressive reduction in PI and SG. However, the reduction of PI and SG was more significant for soil mixed with standard lime. Compaction characteristics of standard lime-soil mixtures were consistent with the usual trends: the MDD decreased and the OMC increased with Argijati lime, the addition of 2 % lime caused OMC to increase and MDD to decrease; further addition of lime caused a progressive reduction in OMC and increase in MDD. Generally, an increase in the content of both standard and Argojati lime increased the UCS. The lime soil mixtures were cured for 1, 3 and 7 days and at each %age of lime, the UCS increased with increase in curing time. The UCS of Argojati lime soil was higher than that of soil treated with standard lime at all lime contents and curing periods. The addition of standard and Argojati lime increased the UCS of samples cured at 50 degree C for periods of 1 and 2 days; the UCS of Argojati lime-soil is higher than that of standard lime soil. The immersion effect indicated that the Argojati lime-soil is better able to resist water absorption than samples made with standard lime. However, neither type of lime can be considered satisfactory in terms of resistance to water damage. On the basis of the SNI specification, soil mixed with 5 % standard lime or 2 % Argojati lime meets the requirement for subbase material; none of the mixtures investigated satisfy the roadbase strength requirement.

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