Road roughness measurements on penetration macadam road surfaces using dipstick, merlin and viewrecon.

Sitompul, Buyung (2012) Road roughness measurements on penetration macadam road surfaces using dipstick, merlin and viewrecon.

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In this research, measurements of road roughness were made on four sections of Penetration Macadam road, each 300 m in length, using the Dipstick, the Merlin and the ViewRecon equipment. All three instruments are categorised as profiling equipment i.e. they measure directly the road profile as opposed to vehicle response to surface irregularity. Dipstick measurements are normally considered to provide the reference data for evaluating other types of profiling equipment. Calculations of International Roughness Index (IRI) values from the Dipstick data were made using the IRILEVEL computer program. ViewRwcon IRI values were obtained directly when the vehicle travelled over the road surface while Merlin output was converted to IRI values using the model proposed by Cundill (1966.a). ViewRwcon measurements were made at three operating velocities, 10 km.h, 20 km/h and 30 km/h and it was concluded that on this type of surfacing the most consistent measurement were obtained at 20 km/h. Both Manual and Statistical procedures are available for analysis of Merlin Data. Analysis by the Manual Method and by the Statistical Method at the 85 %, 90 % and 85 % confidence levels lead to the following conclusions: (i) IRI values at the 90 % confidence level are identical to those given by the Manual Method; (ii) Calculations at the 90 confidence level, and hence by the Manual Method, give the IRI values that are closest to the Dipstick IRI values. The following correlations between Merlin and Dipstick IRI values and between ViewRecon and Dipstick IRI values were obtained: (i) Correlation between the Merlin and Dipstick IRI (Mer) = 0.8107 IRI (Dips) 1.5074 (R-Sq. 0.7891); (ii) Correlation between the ViewRecon and the Dipstick IRI (View20) = 0.8493 IRI (Dips) - 2.2901 (R-Sq. 0.8362)

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