The Effects of controlling density on the characteristics of bituminous mixes having various gradations and compaction temperatures.

Suhartono, Gogot (2012) The Effects of controlling density on the characteristics of bituminous mixes having various gradations and compaction temperatures.

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Marshall design of asphalt mixtures involves preparation of samples according to specified procedures and determination of the strength and volumetric composition of the samples. Density is of primary importance, both in terms of laboratory analysis and quality control of construction. Marshall data typically exhibits considerable scatter and the laboratory investigation described in this thesis is an extension of earlier work (KOSASIH, 1997) to see if data scatter can be reduced by controlling the compaction of laboratory samples so as to achieve a target density. Three aggregate grading were investigated and samples were compacted at a control temperature of 130 degree C and two other temperatures, 110 degree C and 150 degree C. The results of the investigation indicate that data scatter, as indicated by coefficient of variance, is reduced when samples are prepared by controlled compaction. The influence of aggregate grading and compaction temperature on coefficient of variance, and the extent to which this is reduced by controlled compaction is not conclusive. In general the additional compaction energy required to reach target density reduces with increase in bitumen content; the large number of additional hammer blows needed at the lower bitumen contents may damage the sample. Compaction temperature have not significant influence but aggregate grading appear to have an influence on the additional compactive energy needed to reach target density. The optimum bitumen content of samples prepared by controlled compaction is generally somewhat lower than that of samples prepared by normal compaction. Compaction temperature does not influence optimum bitumen content, aggregate grading has a somewhat more significant but still quite marginal effect. Level of compaction has no influence on the Index of Retained Strength while the influence of compaction temperature appears to be significant. In the wheel tracking test, samples prepared to the density and optimum bitumen content indicated by controlled compaction show better resistance to permanent deformation then samples prepered to normal compaction parameters.

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